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$15,000 commitment and future of flexin


I started a project called "Body Factory" in September 2020. Today we are collaborating on that same project. Now it is called Flexin. In the last month it has been used successfully by Simon. And another coach signed up yesterday. In the last month it became clear how to incorporate using Stripe Atlas because Jordan Messina has been advising us. In the last month I commited 15,000 USD for Flexin product development and customer acquisition to last until the end of June.

It may be unclear what those things mean for the future. One thing they allow for, a possibility of improving our product.

There is a reason for Flexin. It is to make impossible skills achievable by everyone. YouTube opened the world's eyes to what people like Simon Ata and like BBboy Junior are achieving. Flexin makes it possible for anyone to follow the path towards impossible skills and unbelievable strength.

There are side effects of Flexin. First, physical differentiation. A person involved in Flexin is able to perform skills that an unskilled person cannot. Second, women inclusion. Flexin includes men and women in it's served population. Third, Syracuse promotion. Flexin is available to the world and it's export location is Syracuse, New York. Finally, impossibility addiction. A person involved in Flexin starts wanting a planche and ends up with a planche and a stalder press and a one arm chin up and on and on and on.

Flexin X

Flexin X

Side Effects of Flexin

  1. Physical Differentiation
  2. Women Inclusion
  3. Syracuse Promotion
  4. Impossibility Addiction

Obligation builds on itself. The team has met all of our commitments so far. And now they are growing. Our commitment to success will make Flexin a successful commitment. We each have our own resources, our own perspectives, our own talents. Bringing them together and being reliable will matter as much in the next three months as it has up until now.

When does equity come? Stripe Atlas appears straightforward and that means equity distribution is probable by the end of April.

What does product development and customer acquisition look like? Increased hours for developers. Increased sales to coaches, measured by exercises created and programs created.

There is a dope future ahead. Ahead of us are cool tools that make workouts effective. Ahead of us are fun workouts with each other and the public. Above all, ahead of us are fulfilling moments when we are achieving the impossible.