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david, sbf, positive difference

the difference in perspective on making a positive change in the world become a reality from professionals i respect is best illustrated by the difference between David Simon and SBF. in summary, David labored for decades, beginning in his childhood, in service to journalism till it morphed into a career in television that started with homicide, went to the corner, and apexed at the wire. SBF put years of effort into wall street trading that morphed into crypto trading and resulted in ftx. David popularized ideas about the failure of the drug war. SBF is now popularizing crypto.  David took on a singular idea directly, the drug war is bad, and repeated it in his reporting then again in his early television work. SBF is taking on a broad idea indirectly, do good in one’s lifetime, and repeatedly engages in successful financial transactions with the expressed intent of giving the proceeds he earns to others who intend to create positive differences.

For David there could be no switching from one positive outcome to another and the world is better for it. his dramatic craft mixed with his journalistic insights resulted in my awareness of the negative difference the drug war, drug prohibition policies, and drug penalties made on my country. without him it might be that i came to the opinion i hold today, the drug war is bad, yet it is undeniably because of him that i do, in reality, hold that opinion. For SBF there is the intention to someday give away all of his wealth in a measured, monitored, and methodical process that yields positive differences for populations. in his estimation, he benefits the world better by donating dollars than by donating time. it is his decision to go about making a positive difference by capital contributions that he is renown for and it gives popularity to the broad notion of doing good in one’s lifetime, which i am thinking about now with absolute credit due to him.

in the last decade i tried public speaking to my peers in software engineering, encouraging their consideration of making their work relate to civic outcomes in my home city of syracuse, new york. i tried giving money to charitable institutions whose work i considered to be effectively making positive differences in the lives of others. i even started a 501(c)3 non-profit. at the end of today, for me, i have no great wealth to give like SBF nor great argument to make like David. that leaves me with mundane day-to-day generosity of spirit, skill, and wallet. spirit to be compassionate and wise. skill to apply my craft for others. wallet for sharing my wealth with those that i believe need it the most.