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eking out time to write

Having a publishing contract makes it straightforward to find the time to write.

The first of the poems that I included in Bien were written before I thought of writing a book, Bien was my publisher's idea. For those earliest poems, there was no eking out time.

Some of the poems that I've included in Bien were written in correspondence with she-who-can-not-be-said, whose identity I protect for selfish reasons. In those moments of conversation, I was only speaking with a friend, attempting to surround a feeling when we weren't able to share one. There was no eking out time for those poems either.

Yet, in signing a contract to put a book together, eking out time to write was an implicit part of the agreement. I would eke out with a notebook when walking my dog. I would eke out at a bar when I was listening to live music. I would eke out in the Uber from my office to my home. I would eke out poolside in Las Vegas when the world around me was at play.

Wherever, whenever, it was clear to me that it was a matter of devotion to meeting an obligation that was going to bring out poetry. Obligation is very meaningful. The obligation to write the book was created when I agreed with my publishers, Joelle and Don Sheridan. Should I ever come up with another book, it will be as the result of an obligation to some other person or people.