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exiting upstate interactive

from left: Lauren, Vivian, Doug, Kent, Zoe, Kseniya, and me

I'm an entrepreneur. How I came to be that way is the unlikely story of first-time success. I met Zoe, Doug, and Kseniya at Roji Tea Lounge in Syracuse, NY one day more than five years ago and Upstate Interactive was born. From then on, everything worked. Worked repeatedly. Worked smoothly.

Zoe was on top of it any time there was a client who wanted more. When it came to taking responsibility for our successes and our shortcomings she was always on top of it. It didn't matter to her. In the purest sense of the word, she embodied the entrepreneurial spirit of the company.

Doug was simply the researcher and developer willing to try and try and try. He had a knack for starting from nothing. We began with the idea that we could be a company when Doug called me to ask if I wanted to give starting an agency a try. We began to develop as marketers when he decided he wanted to give content marketing a try. We began to enter the blockchain world when he convinced Kseniya it was worth giving savedai a real try. With him, it was always worth the effort.

Kseniya was the most extraordinary of multi-talented individuals among us. When the team needed an adept financial decision, she pulled on a depth of knowledge that only she had. When the team needed a swift technical solution, even when she didn't have it at the tip of her mouse, she could learn it and deliver it faster than any of us. When we needed someone to network in the world she flew across it to make relationships in the blockchain space. When we needed an HR department she single-handedly functioned for years until we hired Natasha. When we had to look to our hearts as a company, I found myself looking to hers for guidance.

I can say more, I always can about people I love, yet the message is better for brevity. I am no longer with Upstate Interactive, having sold my share, exited management, ended software development; I have no claim to the continued success of the company. Yet, with its history now well established it will certainly be a success with Zoe, Doug, and Kseniya driving it forward.

Upstate Interactive will do what it has already done; it will hire extraordinary developers like Kent Walker and Lauren Adam and it will earn the business of incredible clients like Creaticles and Foundry and it will develop technology that will start with success.