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finding inspiration as a poet

The inspiration for me was my best friend. Other than some childhood friends there are none who have truly have moved me, but Kseniya.

One year in Texas, she gave me two books as a gift on my birthday. One book by a poet, Rumi, and the other book by Charles Bukowski. She stated very briefly and succinctly that she loved the Rumi book and described the hurdles she had overcome to get into the writing of Bukowski.

Two books. One of them, the Bukowski book, I chucked in the trash, basically, as soon as I could. It did not make the flight home. The other, Rumi, was so good and so concise that it made poetry approachable for me. While I flew from Texas to New York I wrote the core of Bien. I read a poem by Rumi and then responded with a poem of my own until I had a dozen or so.

It's easy to say that the core poetic lineage of Bien starts with Rumi. How that came to be, where the inspiration came from, is much more human and living a connection to Kseniya who, whether she realized it or not, provided me with the cause to start writing Bien. The publication starts with, "Dedicated to Kseniya, who gave me a book to write on a plane ride home."