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from miami beach (original)

if i were asked, “what do you identify as first in life?” i would answer “entrepreneur.”

if i were asked, “what do you identify as first in life?” i would answer “entrepreneur.” others have called me, with kind intention, “executive,” an identity i have scorned.  i have also been called “leader,” which is one i have grown to accept. whichever the word, in all things i find myself with people that rely on me and conversely i find myself reliant on them. currently i am in pursuit of a new opportunity in business, one that is simultaneously an extension of who i am and a departure from anything i have done before. i was talking to Dawson, a one-man-band businessman and software engineer, about the web3is.wtf media project. i displayed the concept on my phone, a series of videos whose speakers are discussing their contributions and perspectives on the emerging cryptocurrency-blockchain industry. we chatted further, i talked about the soleless.art trading card project. i displayed the cards, a run of sports-themed trading cards that are enhanced with augmented reality and a physical link to an NFT. onward, we chatted about the flexin.io fitness software project. i displayed the output, video of fitness performance being analyzed with a simple display of the athlete’s form. a one-man-band, dawson shared with me all that he does on his earni.fi project from e-mail marketing to software engineering. i learned he commits to being a software engineer in the same way i commit to being an entrepreneur. whereas he builds his project from e-mail marketing to SEO-optimized load-times I build my teams from eager learners to skilled professionals. he pondered the trade-off between doing it all himself and growing by joining forces with a larger entity. i pondered the trade-off between implementing a new feature on flexin.io myself and leading angel, an eager learner turned skilled professional, to complete the deliverable.

i am here now uncertain that any of my comments were useful to him, yet, resoundingly sure of myself thanks to his perspective on me. when we were talking about code he was surprised that i could hold my own in conversation because in our previous chats i had been, to him, purely business. that first bit of perspective has helped me to see that i have changed in the ten-or-so years since i began building software with my own hands pressing the buttons on the qwerty keyboard that made it all run. i have grown capable of more.

as i revealed to him web3is.wtf then soleless.art then flexin.io he showed surprise that i was doing all that i was. i had to reveal that my secret was that my role in all of them was building the teams and the partner relationships. with my background in developing software i have strong grounding in deliberative thinking with the people involved.

as i concluded with him, i chose to go forward on the new flexin.io feature by describing the deliverable and preparing it for angel. a decision that reflects my broader evolution from software engineer to software business leader.

there are many ways forward to choose from.

me, all of us on the team, can go forward by pursuing each of these projects from my personal funds, bootstrapping them all, and investing heavily in whichever yields the best response from the buying public. i call this option the band-of-misfits because the hodge-podge team is specifically crafted for these projects and might not last if the projects all failed.

we could all pursue full-time employment and income from separate organizations then relegate all this work to the nights-and-weekends time. i call this option employed-hustlers because it involves working during the day for money and the night for money as well.

in a beach of options there is always one shining treasure in the sand. we could do as dawson is contemplating, join a larger organization that has the resources and wherewithal to bare the immediate investment cost in pursuing research and development project with a commitment on our end to providing our knowledge and expertise by serving other organizations. imagine the future where eager learners are put on research and development projects that are held accountable to the demand of generating financial profitability. those learners, like the ones on the team today, are able to grow their skillsets with knowledge that they can sustain a livelihood because they have salary. when the project they work on finds financial success then they can rest assured they will retain their place as builders for the future growth of the project. when the project they work on fails they can rest assured they will have developed skills that can be put to other profitable uses, like services, for a time to recover the investment in the failed project while preparing to try again. for example, matthew brodsky, the soon-to-be syracuse university graduate whose artwork inspires and drives soleless.art can continue sharpening his design skills on soleless then when it succeeds the profits from it allow him to grow the idea. conversely, when soleless fails, matthew’s skills can be put to use on institutional projects, which may not be the subject matter that he dreams of engaging in, and all the same will provide cash flow to justify another research project in the future.

as dawson contemplated going from one-man-band with earni.fi to partnering with a large organization he described his motivation for considering the option. the large organization would provide payment to him to buy earni.fi. more than that, it would provide dawson an environment to pursue the next ambition he has, being influential on larger projects as a leader. well, i could not help but see his option as anything but worthy for him. i consider the similar worthy for my team. i was left imagining what might be the reason a large organization would want dawson, beyond that idea of paying to own the future profits of earni.fi. dawson commits to being in public, building his business by engaging on twitter digitally and conferences physically. a guy like dawson self-starts, self-motivates, self-grows. he is an asset in his own right, one that large organization can trust to continue to create new opportunities using the materials they are pressured to use - their financial capital, their assembled workforce, their intellectual property. i could not think of a better person for a large organization to invest in than a leader like dawson.

there is a common practice in the film world where multiple production companies join together to form an entity whose singular purpose is to create a finished film. an individual production company may be no more than a writer and his administrator. he will provide his script, teleplay, and ongoing commitment to the project to the new entity, while the financing is provided by the major studio backer. when the film is completed, sold, and shown to the public then the profits are divided to leave the writer happy for seeing his words come to life and the backer happy for seeing their investment returned with interest.  what is typical from there? another film, another new entity, another script brought to life. these relationships can last a lifetime. in-between these rewarding creative projects, what is a writer to do? write for others, consult, be of service by providing his expertise in knowledge to those with an immediate need.

in a beach of options there is always one shining treasure in the sand. with multiple ongoing projects currently, all of which are small enough for me to fund personally, my team will partner with a large organization that enables their full-time pursuit of the project’s success. team members will be provided a salary to live on, modest and measured, and share of potential profits, meaningful and mountainous, from the project they contribute to. in failure, they will retain salary and provide services to outside organizations with an immediate need for their talents. in exchange for capital investment in team members’ salaries the large organization will receive profits from any and all research and development projects, right of first refusal for future investment in those projects, profits from all services provided to outside organization, and right of first refusal to receive services from available team members. peter b’s myth, llc will be a team of two, myself, and my head of operations, jodi. a newly formed entity will be created that is owned in-part by peter b’s myth, llc and a large organization. the llc will provide the creativity, leadership, and administration while the large organization provides the financial backing for salaries of team members and materials expenses incurred in pursuit of profitable software products. and the peter b’s myth, llc will exclusively partner with the new organization for all software products. beyond that, the new organization will provide services as-needed from the salaried employees to ensure self-sustaining cash flows.

the purpose of all research and development done by this new entity is to generate profitable software products. an implication of profitable products is that their cashflows can be used for reinvestment in growth or disbursement to shareholders. another implication is that these products will be held to standards that would sooner shutter them than allow them to seek long-term reinvestment at a loss. the intention of all services for this new entity to is provide outside organizations with the skillsets of it’s employees and the employees with projects that sensibly apply their skills. an implication of this intention is services will only be extended to organizations whose need matches an employee’s existing skillsets. another implication of this intention is that all team training will be focussed on developing skills that are inherently valuable to the entity, as in, training will not be provided for skills that, speculatively, may be valuable to a future services client. holistically, this entity will be developing teams whose skills are able to generate profits, whether by research and development that leads to commercialization of software products or by providing services that align with their creative abilities.

this entity emulates the business of george lucas’s lucasfilm production company, which produced star wars and indiana jones while also leading the development of special effects, sound, and computer animation for client films. lucasfilm has a strong creative core. it has the primary pursuit of self-generated intellectual property and secondary pursuit of providing it’s core capabilities to clients seeking immediate capabilities for their own purposes. star wars and indiana jones are the out-sized successes in front of many more internal creative successes and failures of lesser note. client projects spanning from the godfather to pirates of the caribbean benefited from the core capabilities developed at lucasfilm. after decades of success and independence lucasfilm sold to a larger organization, disney, where it continues providing employees a place for creativity, investors with returns, and the viewing public with remarkable products.

along with emulation of lucasfilm at an organizational level i will emulate george lucas as an individual. i will provide my creative leadership for major research and development efforts in any capacity demanded of me from beginning to successful end. i will meet my commitments to financial backers and be their representative among my team to uphold my team’s shared responsibility for returning investor’s money. i will be the exemplar whose example leads the team towards great achievement by great action in the face of great doubt. as in, i will lead, encourage, and motivate people forward when the only audience who believes in our product is us, ourselves. on the other hand, i will stop my team completely and permanently when evidence confirms we are the only audience for our product, when evidence confirms there are no buyers. i will travel both near-to-home and far-from-comfort to build relationships with partners and buyers, whether a one-day trip to chicago with a morning flight and a return in the evening to meet with a single potential buyer of great value or a weeklong journey at an industry conference to gather a broad base of contacts as a way to fully engage the industry. emulation of lucasfilm and george lucas will provide a strong a guiding example to create this new entity.

this entity will root itself firmly in the software industry. it will extend from who i am as an entrepreneur with a background in developing b2b software that incorporates emerging tools enabling artificial intelligence, blockchain, and augmented reality applications. this entity will be rooted in the pragmatic approach to business i honed at upstate interactive and the creative approach to leadership i have pursued my entire adult life. while the entity will be considering all options and avenues for achieving software product success, including tangential products in the physical world, the entity will be rigorous in selecting only the best tools for the development of it’s products.

in a beach of options there is always one shining treasure in the sand. a software product and service entity with my creative leadership, my team of eager learners and skilled professionals, and a large organization’s financial backing is as valuable a find as any long-forgotten diamond ring buried here under the sand of miami beach. this is the opportunity we all have been looking for.

who will come with me? already there are members of the team who are doing good work on a part-time basis and they will be offered a salary. already there is a leader of a large organization who is exploring a long-term relationship with me, all of us.

can all of the existing projects of peter b’s myth, llc live on in the new entity? they all will be subject to review for financial viability that may lead to some projects being stopped.

how will we get started? this entity will be presented in concept to potential large organizations for mutual refinement and revision to arrive at a legal structure that provides me with creative leadership and the large organization with reasonable financial returns. beyond that, an arrangement that provides you the short-term means to make ends meet and long-term promise of sharing in the profits stemming from your creativity.

if you feel as i do, that the world will be better for a new creative organization, then join me. if you feel as i do, that relentless refinement and repetition is the best path to develop valuable skills, then join me. if you feel as i do, then join me in creating the organization that will provide us all with a better life.