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how i write poetry

For starters, how I do not write poetry: I forget about images. I forget about spoken word. I forget about dance. I work with written words. After all the other artistry of life is stripped away, I write.

I hold the notion that words are a limited form of communication and I write poetry with the concession that a reader will not do anything with these words. There's no intended action for a reader to take after reading my poetry.

So I write the poetry in stark contrast to how I might write a business memorandum, how I might write a social text message. Those have literal meaning.

I write poetry as a pointer to some unwritable truth. The notion of poetry as a pointer comes from my experience in Buddhism. During my brief practice of working with Koans in the Catskill Mountains in New York I was taught to use and see words as flawed tools. To see beyond the daily meaning of words is not easy. I write poetry as a way of pointing to something beyond.