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i am in costa rica on an emergency dental visit in the bold hands of Mariano Kriebel, third generation dentist with a heart of gold and even better surgical partner.

i published myth.software after discussions with Laura Northridge, director of product incubator at harvard business publishing and Dan Kalil, chief commercial officer at assured information security and Brian Corrigan, chief executive officer at rocketscience.gg because i was exploring working for their organizations without a detailed description of what mine is.

before those conversations and after one with Dawson Botsford i was inspired to write this tediously tremendous tome timidly titled “from miami beach,” which i am now distilling down to “myth software is an artificial intelligence, augmented reality, authentically mythical, product workshop that builds by ourselves and with collaborators with whom we work for between one and two years in service to making impossible things possible, in service to making people exceptions to the rules, in service to the world from a perspective that sees stagnation as the enemy, that sees technology as the best and, finally, that sees ideas after people,” which is serving as the detailed description i was missing.

thank you Angel Santiago, Simon Ata, Pavan Kunchala, Kiana Ng, Tom Monks, Kahlil Cruz, Quincy Constant, Jodi McDonald, Schuyler Fink, Jordan Messina, Edward Smith, Matthew Brodsky, Helen Gallagher, Wyatt Bertz, David Jacobs, Jennifer Tran, Bex Zank, Shienna Mandigma, Amy Gardiner, Michael Parrinello, Sebastian Castillo, Adam Peruta, and Elizabeth Stone for building with me, investing with me, and even living me.