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mine range from the freaks to the gods.

mine are the men and women who spend their days and nights perfecting a craft.

mine are those who have work as their high.

mine spend time away from family in pursuit of reaching new highs to come back with better lives for all.

mine are handbalancers, contortionists, gymnasts, yogis, warriors and calisters.

mine are in bedrooms and basements, gyms and garages, backyards and barn houses.

mine are outside the normal and insane in skill.

mine are the ones making the impossible possible.

mine are the free spirits on trapezes and free dancers on poles and free standers on canes.

mine are the many on the outskirts and in the margins and in the shadows.

mine are those who come out on stage and light up the night.

mine light marquees. mine delight families. mine make the audience believe.