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rappers are poets too

I grew up reading Shakespeare in class from a book during the daytime and during the nighttime reading Lil Wayne's lyrics from the web on my own. He has a song that starts, "I'm cold like a midnight in Aspen. I am the president and the assassin. Camera's on, big lights, action. Welcome to the show. I am the main attraction."

That song is called Brand New and it sounded so good to me that I wanted to learn its lyrics. I wanted to recite them myself. Not because I actually come from any spot or a shared background as the artist, he wasn't really on my mind at all. His art spoke to me. It spoke to the narcissistic tendencies of the culture at the time.

The words so cleanly brought out the pursuit that seemed to be pervasive around me, in the town that I grew up in, of wealth and of fame. That string of words curled around a feeling and pointed to a very real, yet not so visible part of my life. That made Lil Wayne the great poet of my teenage years. While Shakespeare had a role and a place, it was always behind Lil Wayne.