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thanks man

a famous author wrote into his script, “son you need more than this job…life is what happens between those moment you wait for that never come.” and the way i see it is that life is those moments that come that you were never expecting.
thanks man
him and i, two guys in conversation in a busy public food court


i was out to dinner alone in the city’s public food court. while waiting on my thigh to buzz with the vibration of the iraqi food stall’s electronic order notifier i saw a great c.e.o. and even better friend. he was alone with a drink and computer, typical of this man’s style. it had been ages since we’d seen each other and after a hugging greeting we got on for the next hour about the lives we were separately living.

i should tell you now, this is a man who i sought to emulate long before this particular encounter.

he shared that his geography is all about family on the ground floor and above and all about business when he’s in the basement. when in the basement the pitter patter of Jason’s or Emmy’s footsteps set his mind onto those two children of his and for better or worse his heart goes adrift from love of work to love of fatherhood. such as it is, when there is perfect silence and he is in the basement captain’s chair that he runs his shop from, there is only the goal. make his investors money, give his team direction, keep himself on the hunt for success.

he reflected on years past, his twenties, when the appearance of being a leader mattered and what followed from it was constant public discussion of who he was, what is role was, what he was working on, what he had accomplished. he then shared that in this era of his life, none of that is routine. now he patiently builds his business, night after night, week after week, for what has already been years and will be nights, weeks, and years to come. it will be this way for him till he makes good on his promise to deliver success to those who delivered him the capital that would get him started and the faith that he would get them a return.

the discussion went both ways. i shared with him that i was in public on this evening by fluke of scheduling. i was in the habit of avoiding the public so that i could keep my own promises, and fulfill my own vision of success. i was seeing him, talking to him, commiserating with him, with such enthusiasm because it had been more than a week since i had any human interaction outside of the purposeful conversations that went towards seeing my vision of success become reality.

my philosophy is aristotelian virtue ethics, if i can emulate other good men then i will be good. so i chose years ago to emulate my friend. now we were taking similar actions, we were making similar sacrifices, and we were working from similar beliefs, which means i am becoming good.

as ever, he left me with the inspiration that i could be more tomorrow than i am today. dissimilarly, when he ended his knightly pursuit of success he went upstairs to his wife and kids. and so i left that food court feeling inspired, with a new man to emulate. not my friend the chief executive officer, it seems i've done okay at that. now i aim to emulate my friend the great c.e.o. and even better husband and father.